Daphne is a collection of heirloom quality bags and accessories that provide unique authenticity, unparalleled individuality, and featherweight protection.  Inspired by the lines and planes of contemporary furniture, Daphne brings wood to life in ways never before seen.(2014)



Icarus flaunts egotism with its hand ground and polished lenses set in North American veneer bound by electroplated titanium frames.  Crafted for high fliers to provide only the finest shade.



Hades combines luxury materials and process to deliver a unique statement of style, status, and serendipity.  Elegantly bent premium North American veneer forms the lightweight exoskeleton lined with select European leathers to cradle the accoutrements of success.  The exterior pouch platform affords infinite customization to suit personal taste and needs.


Dionesus supports the lifestyle of the modern man with an innovative design that satisfies the needs of mobility. From i-pads and notes to glasses and chargers, the personal daily necessities travel in timeless style protected by premium North American veneer and the finest European leathers.


Athena hails the mating of high-craft and neo-modernity through its union of premium materials and pure design.   The clean lines of the bent veneer shell are complimented by the crisp strength of the inner vege-tanned leather laptop sleeve and casing.  The external pouch platform enables infinite customization to fit tastes and needs as individual as each owner.



HEBE matches the minimalist functionality of tablet technology by mating protective wood veneer and supple European leather.  In support of the mobile and modern lifestyle, HEBE gives you just what you need to transport your tablet in safety and style.


Comprised of the finest European leathers supported by a light but strong bent veneer exoskeleton, Ares accompanies the victorious to the field of play in enduring luxury and extravagant style to transform the transportation of your clubs of war.


Artemis affords light travel with this half-bag targeting your practice needs.  Premium European leathers stretch taught over the unique North American hardwood veneer spine and rib design to ensure unparalleled rigidity with an uncompromised featherweight.


Poseidon mirrors the heart of the seasoned traveler with its extravagant practicality and sumptuous intent.  The featherweight veneer shell provides your necessities the protection only afforded by North American Hardwood gracefully bent in the fashion of the finest furniture. 


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