P004 → Monitor Stand(M.H)

Monitor Sand 2022, Valchromat,  22x10x5(in)

This version was to make more accessible product for broader demographics to promote Korean-style furniture. 

I took different colors of pulp composite board to emphasize the traditional joinery. Then, I used CNC to precut pieces and used the traditional way of hand assembling.

At the outset of my project, I grappled with questions about how to ethically draw inspiration from Korean culture as a designer, without simply exploiting it. I pondered on ways to ensure accessibility to this inspiration and how to collaborate respectfully with masters who have diligently preserved Korean techniques and traditions despite the country's rapid Westernization over the past 50 years. As a young industrial designer trained in the US, I questioned my role in this context.

What struck me most profoundly was not only the aesthetic appeal of Korean furniture, but also the rich cultural significance embedded within its craftsmanship. I was moved by the perspective of viewing furniture as an integral part of the family and the meticulous efforts dedicated to ensuring its longevity across generations.

My experience working alongside Master Yang was truly meaningful. Together, we explored avenues to uphold the essence of Korean culture while contemporizing its appearance to resonate with modern lifestyles. Master Yang's wisdom resonated with me when he emphasized that tradition is not stagnant; rather, it evolves in tandem with the passage of time.